PowerShell Array Tutorials

Arrays in PowerShell are a fundamental data structure that stores a collection of items, which can be of the same type or different types. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of creating and using arrays in PowerShell. Also, you will get tons of tutorials related to PowerShell Array in this post.

PowerShell Array

An array in PowerShell is a data structure that stores a collection of items. These items can be of the same type or different types. In PowerShell, arrays are incredibly flexible and can hold anything from strings and integers to objects and even other arrays. This makes them particularly useful for storing and manipulating sets of data.

Create an Array in PowerShell

To create an array in PowerShell, you simply assign multiple values to a variable, separated by commas:

$myArray = 1, 2, 'three', 4, 'five'

This creates an array with five elements, including both integers and strings.

Using the @() Array Subexpression Operator

Another way to create an array is by using the array subexpression operator @():

$myArray = @(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

This explicitly creates an array of five integers in PowerShell.

Access Array Elements

Each item in a PowerShell array is assigned an index number, starting at 0 for the first element. You can access an array element by specifying its index inside square brackets:

$thirdItem = $myArray[2]

This retrieves the third item in the array, which in our example would be the integer 3.

Modifying Arrays

You can modify an existing PowerShell array by assigning a new value to a specific index:

$myArray[2] = 'three'

Now, the third element in the array is the string 'three' instead of the integer 3.

Adding and Removing Items

To add an item to an array, you can use the += operator:

$myArray += 6

This appends the integer 6 to the end of the array.

To remove an item, you can use the Remove-Item cmdlet or filter the array:

$myArray = $myArray | Where-Object { $_ -ne 'three' }

This command filters out the string 'three', effectively removing it from the array.

Iterating Through Arrays

You can iterate through each item in an array using a foreach loop:

foreach ($item in $myArray) {
    Write-Host "Item: $item"

This will print each item in the array to the console.

Sorting Arrays

PowerShell makes it easy to sort arrays with the Sort-Object cmdlet:

$sortedArray = $myArray | Sort-Object

This sorts the array in ascending order.

Multidimensional Arrays

PowerShell also supports multidimensional arrays, which are arrays of arrays:

$multiArray = @( @(1,2,3), @('a','b','c'), @(True,False) )

Here, $multiArray is an array with three elements, each of which is an array.

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